Colour My Floors is an experienced and eclectic group of floor colouring professionals who operate throughout Australia. Adopting new products and techniques, CMF aspires to create new and imaginative colours to either existing or new timber flooring. We work on the principal of developing artistic relationships with our customers, this is created by embracing their ideas and innovate them into tangible products.


Design Process

Colour My Floors employs a three stage approach to the design process, involving conceptual development, project inception and then finally sampling to ensure that the final product is of the highest possible standard.


Conceptual Development

Before consulting Colour My Floors we would suggest to our customers to engage or commission the services of a professional interior designer. Interior Designers are self-disciplined and multifaceted, their place within a project encompasses conceptual development, quality control, project management, budgets, mediation and practical application. Within the arena of conceptual development the interior designer is the arbitrator of creativity and requires resources to inspire and energise their projects. At CMF we share the same passion and look forward to aligning ourselves with the vision of others.


Project Inception

Upon inception the client, designer and stakeholders will meet with a Colour My Floors consultant and discuss the integration of knowledge to the design process. We will explore and identify possible challenges that may arise and in turn devise solutions around them. So mediation and understanding are prerequisites.  CMF will need to be informed of your budget ceiling, timeframes and logistics and this will allow us to supply a product without hindrance.



Based upon all the information received, Colour My Floors will begin the sampling process. Sampling allows our clients to identify, then reduce multiple ideas and colours into one defined product. The process of developing samples is sequential and therefore  time consuming. From concept to completion, the sample deemed most suitable for the interior finishes becomes the control sample. From the control sample, CMF can price m² rates at supply only or fully installed.