Floorboard Colouring

This gallery shows floorboard colouring performed by Colour My Floors technicians. At CMF we are able to induce sharp colours into timber floor coverings. The tones allow the floor boards to promote branding or themes. The concept also can express mood, energy or feeling. Another attribute of CMF’s floorboard colouring service¬†is no two floors can ever be the same due to the various colour combinations and designs. For hand crafted floorboard colouring by artistic professionals, contact Colour My Floors today.

Floorboard Project 1

This project features Colour My Floors Woolshed style Lime floorboard colouring.

Floorboard Project 2

This project was completed in an art deco apartment, where the existing Tasmanian Oak flooring in the kitchen and bedrooms was resanded and polished, using an organic lime colour stain.

Floorboard Colouring Samples

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