Parquetry Flooring

This gallery previews Parquetry flooring and colouring that Colour My Floors professionals create. At CMF we have developed a process of expanding the classic styles and designs of parquetry. This is created by our own process of colour coding. Each pattern becomes unique by applying different colours to a multitude of blocks within the floor outlay. The combinations of colours has created patterns which aesthetically changes the way we view traditional parquetry. Designers can now experiment with colour and patterns to challenge their flooring requirements. Also adding to the unique Colour My Parquetry range, we are able to variegate the appearance of the flooring. This method of industrialising Colour My Parquetry is to manufacture design through science to obtain a different perception of timber flooring.

Coloured Parquetry Samples

Coloured parquetry brings vibrant colours and contrasting patterns to the classic parquetry style, with new patterns to create a unique feature floor-piece.

Distressed Parquetry Samples

Distressed parquetry texturing involves aging the colours to create the look that the parquetry has undergone the natural wear and tear process created by time. The distressed flooring is at home in any rustic setting.

Other Parquetry Samples

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